Building an HR Strategy from Scratch: Lee's Marketplace

How do we align the HR strategy with the business strategy?

“In 1981 Lee and Shari Badger had their start in the grocery business by purchasing a small grocery store in Smithfield called Jack's Foodtown. Over the next few years, the store was remodeled several times, finally doubling in size by 1991. After 13 years and with this new location, Lee and Shari dropped the name of Jack's Foodtown and began the legacy of Lee's Marketplace. Now in seven locations with plans underway for even more, Lee's Marketplace still offers the quality, freshness, and made-from-scratch promise that it has been and is still known for.”

Aligned with Lee’s Legacy, the company’s business strategy is centered on six principles. These principles include maintaining competitive pricing, championing a safe and friendly shopping experience, remaining technologically innovative, fostering continual learning, providing excellent customer service, and holding strong to Lee’s legacy. 

The Problem

When our team first met with the Director of Human Resources at Lee’s Marketplace, we learned that while Lee’s has a well-rounded business strategy it was difficult to put into words and fully understand as a holistic strategy. Our team was tasked with assisting with creating an HR strategy and offering advice on how to improve current HR processes. We were asked to consult on improving turnover, talent management, leadership development, total rewards, and organization strategy. 

Our Approach

Recommendations: What Can We Learn from This Example?

We came up with many recommendations. Outlined here is a synopsis of our recommendations and how they can be applicable to nearly any organization:


There is not one way of management turnover. Every company should assess its process and find a solution that best fits the organization. However, with that being said here are some best practices that are being implemented in more successful companies that seem to have lower attrition. 

Use Data for Decision Making

There are many different ways for a company to implement big data in the HR processes, the most important process is aligning data usage with the company strategy. 

Succession Planning and Employee Development

There are two questions that are critical to ask when focusing on succession planning and employee development: How do we identify talent potential? What do we look for in talent potential? Here are some recommendations for identifying and training top talent.

Talent Acquisition

Recruiting and the hiring process can both be incredibly tedious. To improve your processes, ask yourself the following questions:

Additional recommendations were given to the organization that were specific to their needs and more confidential in nature.