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Raelynn Randall | MHR/MBA

Culture Consultant & Curriculum Designer

Rae is an analytically minded HR and Business Culture Consultant with well-rounded experience in management, employee motivation, onboarding, leadership development, compensation, benefits, career development, and social media marketing. Her background in anthropology, human resources, and business management has given her a unique perspective regarding workplace culture. She strives to educate employers and organizations on what culture really is and how they can utilize it to make lasting, positive change. 

Her relevant experience includes:

Jaemynn Sampson

Curriculum Designer

Jae is passionate about psychology and advocating for others. She loves learning about anything and everything. She has researched topics extensively including:

She enjoys writing about topics related to psychology, emotional intelligence, personal development, equity, diversity, and inclusion. She is well versed in methods in mentoring, teaching, managing confidential information, and leading individuals to a common goal